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Current Hazards Status

Fire              Moderate Fire Danger                

Flooding      No identified hazard                   

Evacuation   No evacuation order in place    

COVID-19    Follow State of CO Guidance      

Weather       No identified hazard                   

Avalanche    No identified hazard                   

Roads           No identified hazard                   

Utilities         No identified hazard                   

Lake County, in collaboration with local municipalities and special districts, is updating the 2019 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The term "Hazard Mitigation" describes actions that can help reduce or eliminate long-term risks caused by hazards, such as floods and wildfires.

Residents, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to contribute to the planning process. What hazards do you think the County should focus on?

For COVID-19 Resources, contact Lake County Public Health or click here

Asbestos spill at Eagle's Nest Apartments info

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